About us

Nordpool has been manufacturing hand-made original and unique lollipops. Each product is the work of art of remarkable confectioners, who surprise the customers with their magic confectionery produkts. They are made based on a traditional, family recipe, with natural ingredients. Nordool’s lollipops are sold to consumers all around the Europe, from Spain to Finland.

A large assortyment of designes and patterns attracts not only children. The Giant lollipop with almost one meter of diameter and the weight of 7 kg always triggers a lot of surprise. The lollipops produced especially for St. Valentine’s Day are some of the seasonal hits. We also recommend custom-made lollipops with personalized shape and colour desing providing a great advertising product or a present following the well-known principle - the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

You’re more than welcome to get acquainted with our offer, hoping thath You will find something sweet in here for Your customers.


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